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My name is Nate Hendley and I am a Toronto-based freelance writer, author, editor and researcher. I have written several books, primarily in the true-crime genre, about the wrongful conviction of Steven Truscott, gangsters, the American Mafia, cons and hoaxes, drugs, etc. My books have been published by both American and Canadian publishers. This blog is dedicated to crime writing and crime-related issues. It is updated on an irregular basis. I also have a website at www.natehendley.com I can be contacted at nhendley@sympatico.ca if you have any comments, questions or concerns. This link will take you to my published books: http://qr.net/gqh8

Hello true-crime readers, writing clients and potential clients …

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My name is Nate Hendley and I am a Toronto-based freelance journalist and author available for writing and research assignments. I also do book-based presentations.