Writing Services


I am a Toronto-based freelance journalist and copywriter who is available for assignments. 


Journalist for Hire

I have written hundreds of articles for publications such as The National Post, The Globe and Mail, NOW Magazine, Maclean’s magazine, TVO.org, etc.

I currently write for several business and trade publications, including Canadian Metalworking, On-Site magazine, Business in Focus and Construction in Focus. I have written dozens of profiles of American and Canadian companies and communities for these periodicals.

I have also written a series of articles about historic topics for TVO.org, the website of TVOntario.

While I specialize in articles about business, industrial, political, historical, and crime-related topics, I am happy to take on all manner of assignments.

I work quickly and well and charge competitive rates. Feel free to contact me at: nhendley@sympatico.ca


Copywriter for Hire

I write freelance marketing and promotional copy for corporate and government clients.

Recent copywriting clients include Hayward Gordon, a manufacturer of industrial pumps and mixers, and Underdog Studio, a Toronto-based communications company.

I have written website copy, press releases, brochures and email text about industrial mixers and pumps, high-speed Internet, and the aerospace industry, among other topics. I have also written case studies about building projects and industrial mixers and pumps.

While I specialize in copy about business, industrial, and manufacturing topics, I am happy to take on all manner of assignments.

I work quickly and well and charge competitive rates. Feel free to contact me at: nhendley@sympatico.ca



Trade magazines:

Carrying the Load: Upgrades Keeping Pace with Other Equipment Improvements” (feature about construction equipment tire trends, published in On-Site magazine)

“Windfall in Wind Energy” (feature about the wind industry, published in Canadian Metalworking magazine)

“Coping with COVID-19” (feature about how machine shops are responding to COVID, published in Canadian Metalworking magazine)


Business magazines:

“‘Outsider’ Firm Paving a New Path in Construction” (profile of New Path Construction, published in Construction in Focus magazine)


“A Family-Run Firm Deals with COVID and Builds Its Business” (profile of Hightowers Petroleum, published in Resource in Focus magazine)


“Giving Robots Perspective” (profile of Coherix, published in Manufacturing in Focus magazine)


“Adding Capacity—and a New Manufacturing Operation” (profile of Polyplex Corporation, published in Business in Focus magazine)



“A Problem With Hog Hair: Hayward Gordon Finds a Solution” (case study about Hayward Gordon equipment)

High Shear Mixers (equipment information page on Hayward Gordon’s website)  

“Power and Comfort” (article in Canadian Rental Service magazine, for Underdog Studio) 



“When a Toronto Church Grant Caused All Hell to Break Loose in 1972” (feature about the eccentric Process Church in Toronto, published October 7, 2021 on TVO.org)

“‘Turmoil in Toronto’”: When Police Were Praised for Cracking Down on Communists” (feature about police brutality against radicals in the 1920s, published July 7, 2021, on TVO.org)

“How a Daring Prison Break Led to the ‘Greatest Manhunt in Ontario History’” (feature about the Boyd Gang’s escape from the Don Jail, published September 8, 2020, on TVO.org)

“‘Morbid curiosity’: When Executions Were Public Spectacles in Ontario” (feature about public executions, published August 27, 2020, on TVO.org)

“How the Kaiser Ended Up ‘Helmet-First’ in an Ontario Lake” (feature about statue-toppling in World War One-era Ontario, published July 6, 2020, on TVO.org)

“The Victorian-Era Abortion Trial That Rocked Toronto” (feature about the 1879 abortion trial of Canada’s first female doctor, published June 27, 2020, on TVO.org)

“Murder and Mercy: The Strange Story of Joseph Rosenthal and Charles Gibson” (feature about a 1912 murder in Toronto, published June 8, 2020, on TVO.org


Podcast Scripts:  

“The Boyd Gang” (episode of the Canadian True Crime podcast, posted April 1, 2020)

“Canada’s Youngest Serial Killer” (episode of the Canadian True Crime podcast, posted September 15, 2018)

“Steven Truscott and the Murder of Lynne Harper” (episode of the Canadian True Crime podcast, posted April 30, 2018) 



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If you have any questions about my editorial services or rates, feel free to contact me at:  nhendley@sympatico.ca