“Working with Nate has always been a pleasure. His writing is highly accessible, his research impeccable and his professionalism always top of form.”
-Lorina Stephens, publisher, Five Rivers Publishing


“Nate is a skilled technical writer who I have worked with for more than five years on manufacturing trade magazines. He consistently provides relevant and insightful copy on a wide range of topics from industrial finishing to laser cutting.”
-Mary Scianna, former editor of Canadian Metalworking magazine


“As a magazine editor, it has been a pleasure working with Nate in many capacities, leaning on him for freelance writing assignments, proofreading and collaborating on story ideas. He is always very responsive, accommodating, engaged and able to deliver results with very little direction. On time and on message, Nate is a valuable contributor.”
-Doug Picklyk, former editor of Canadian Printer and Canadian Metalworking magazines


“I worked with Nate at Canadian Metalworking for the two years, where he was a contributing writer and I was the associate editor. Nate always submitted material in a timely manner and his work required little editing. He was professional and a respected representative our magazine at a number of trade shows and industry events. Nate was easy to work with and worked tirelessly to provide Canadian Metalworking with accurate and well-constructed articles on a wide range of topics.”                                      -Lindsay Reid Luminoso, Associate Editor, Canadian Metalworking magazine



“Nate Hendley spoke [October 19/2018] at the LIFE Institute at Ryerson University.  He was invited to speak and discuss his recent book entitled The Boy on the Bicycle.  Nate spoke passionately about the case as he knows the individual who was wrongfully convicted. He was, therefore, able to give a personal perspective on the case from those involved in addition to the well-researched written material in the book.  His lecture generated many intelligent questions about induced confessions and the wrongfully convicted. Nate would be a welcome lecturer in the future at the LIFE Institute.”                                                                                                                                               -Sandy Kingston, LIFE Institute, Course Co-ordinator with Alex Borman


“At a Waterpark Seminar in June, 2017, writer Nate Hendley gave an enlightening and entertaining talk about con artists, scams and swindlers, from Bernie Madoff to Charles Ponzi and a host of other rogues and schemes including the Nigerian Scam to lighten people’s wallets and bank accounts. We had a full house of attendees who had great questions during and after the presentation. Nate speaks clearly, the presentation was tailored to our audience and we appreciated Nate’s humour.”                                         -Peter Russell, Coordinator of the Waterpark Seminar Series


“Nate Hendley recently gave a talk about cons and scams at our Probus club. I found that the presentation was very well researched and documented. Nate’s style of delivery is very engaging and informative. Our members really enjoyed the presentation; it was one of the best of the year. It’s obvious that Nate is very well qualified in his area of expertise.”                                                                                                                                       -Kerry Long, Probus Club of Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario